Explore and Discover While Singing And Dancing is a science curriculum based on a collection of songs and animations featuring the following science concepts: G.E.R.M.S, Gravity, Four Seasons, Oxygen, DNA, Light, Sound, Five Senses. The songs have infectious beats and simple but educational lyrics like, “Germs are nasty they get on our hands, we wash them off we don’t want them here. They make us cough, they make us sneeze, we want those bad germs all to leave” or “Jump, Jump to get pulled down, Gravity will always pull you back to the ground.” By watching, listening and completing the MUScience™ experiment series children will learn basic science concepts in a fun, interactive and engaging way. We have watched many children work up a sweat as they inhale, exhale and mimic the workout routine of Micci, H2O Joe and other characters found throughout the MUScience™series.