DYCD Universal Participant Intake-Youth and Adult Form

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Welcome to the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD)! DYCD is a New York City agency that funds programs for youth and families. These programs are operated by Community Based Organizations (CBOs).This form will allow you or your child to apply to a DYCD Comprehensive Afterschool System (COMPASS), Beacon, or Cornerstone youth or adult program. Please complete this form fully and return to the CBO that operates the program. One application will be accepted per person per site. Submission of an application does not guarantee enrollment in the program. Further paperwork and information may be required to determine program eligibility. If accepted, program will be at no cost to the participant. The following application items are collected for informational and program planning purposes only: Income, Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Language, Population Type, Household Information and Health Insurance Status. Responses to these questions will not impact your eligibility to receive services and will not be shared outside of DYCD without the applicant’s permission.

: Applicant Information For the purposes of this application, applicant refers to the person applying to receive services. Select one *
Applicant’s Gender (Select One) *
Applicant’s Race /Ethnicity (Select all that Apply): *

Contact Information Applicant’s Contact Information For youth without contact information, skip to the next section to provide parent/guardian contact information

Write down phone numbers for the applicant and circle the preferred method of contact *